Adventures of my Raspberry Pi Zero W


So I was really excited when I got an email about the new Raspberry Pi – The Pi Zero W and I just had to buy one


I managed to get the Pi Mood Lamp from Piromoni, and the idea is I want to integrate it with our code pipeline to provide some indication of our code health.

So far I have installed my Pi and I’m braving the interesting task of soldering again this weekend.

Installing the Raspberry Pi Zero W

Installing the Raspberry Pi Zero W

Check back to see how I do

Unicenta & RaspberryPI

Raspberry Pi

If your using Unicenta but want multiple machines all sharing the same catalogue, and you want the information centrally you need a shared database server.
You can just install a database server (MySQL, Postgres etc) onto any machine, such as your back office machine, but if your like us we don’t have a central computer or the space for a full computer.
For a few months we just just a old small PC running Ubuntu, but this has now passed on. So we were looking for a newer, better solution.
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