Merseyrail New Trains


Liverpool to some is the home of railways, being a terminus of the worlds first passenger railway, and now it boasts a large integrated train network with services every 15 minutes to most destinations, using the “Loop and Link” with Moorfields having departures on average every 36 seconds. But the network is under strain from the growth of rail in the city. So now Merseyrail has been given the approval to replace its trains.


So as a software engineer my key thoughts are about what the new fleet should do! A major overhaul or like-for-like replacement won’t solve any problems because the design of the current solution isn’t appropriate, with safety issues for example with the train-platform interface, passengers expecting wifi connections onboard and a serious shortage of physical capacity across the fleet.

Steep Gradients
Fast Acceleration
Compatibility with other operators


But what are the Options:


(Bombardier) – Currently used on London Undergrounds sub-surface lines

Capital Star

(Bombardier) -Currently used on London Overground (AKA the RingoStar?)


Driver Only

A large number of railway companies now operate Driver Only services, from London Underground to Cambridge Express trains will the new fleet introduce DOO options.
DOO is strongly contested by the RMT union and has lead to numerous strikes

Late Trains

Already trailed by Merseyrail for big events will we see the new fleet giving us more late night services.
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