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Software Developer - Scrum Master - Passionate About Quality and Automation
Published Research
Liverpool John Moores University
The extended ROSAT-ESO Flux-Limited X-ray Galaxy Cluster Survey (REFLEX II) V. Exploring a local underdensity in the Southern Sky
Bar Management
Software Development: Python, C++, Java
My PhD research was performed in Python using Numpy, Scipy and Astropy, as well as several other common packages.
Operating Systems
I work primary on linux both Ubuntu and RedHat systems, and experience working on Windows and OSX
I have a good knowledge of database design and optimisation, as well as experience using with MySQL SQLite
Git, Perforce, Docker, Ansible
Software Testing
Automated Testing including the use of GABBI the HTTP framework and custom tests written through Python.
Web Development
I develop web applications using HTML5, CSS3, PHP and in Python using CherryPi or CherryPy, and use common Javascript and UI frameworks.

My PhD research was in galaxy clusters, for full details see my publications.

I have recently been using using Docker to deploy my PhD projects and web applications.

Civil Service
Software Developer / Scrum Master
Nokia IP Video, formally Velocix, develop and operate next generation Content Delivery Network infrastructure, providing a seamless digital media experience.
Software Developer & QA

I am a Software Developer \& QA working on content delivery networks. As part of a agile development team I develop automated tests and implement changes a custom test framework in Python, as well as performing performance testing using Spirent and analysing results. The work requires a good knowledge of Linux and HTTP to debug issues, and the we use of version control and code reviews. My teams current work involves migrating servers to RHEL7, and I have been involved in implementing additions to the automated test framework
Skills: Linux/RedHat, bash, Python, Ansible, Spirent, Unittesting, sqlite

Senior Software and DevOps Developer
Liverpool John Moores University
Astrophysics Lab Demonstrator
Defence Analytical Services and Advice, Ministry of Defence
Defence Analytical Services and Advice (DASA) provides professional analytical, economic and statistical services and advice to the Ministry of Defence (MOD), and defence-related statistics to Parliament, other Government Departments and the public. It produces reports and advice to the Ministry of Defence, reports the the Government and supplies national statistics
Analyst and Developer
Aughton Village Hall
Aughton Village Hall is a hall available to the community of Aughton and is a registered charity. It hosts several classes each week and numerous events for the people of Aughton near Liverpool.
Website Developer and Administrator

I am responsible for the design, development andĀ managementĀ of the Aughton Village Hall website and web media.

Bar Staff

I have worked at Aughton Village Hall since 2005 as casual bar staff being responsible for serving customers, keeping the bar clean, tidy and presentable, keeping the bar well stocked and also collecting glasses and keeping the customer area presentable. Whilst working at the hall I work to provide an exceptional level of customer service.

East Lancashire Railway
The East Lancashire Railway is a preserved restored railway operating out Bury in north Manchester running steam and diesel locomotives and pereiod rolling stock. The line runs between Heywood, through Bury to Rawtenstall in Lancashire.
Volunteer – Booking Clerk & Ticket Inspector
57 - 63 Lark Lane Liverpool L17 8UP Tel: 0151 727 7200
Bar Staff

My position within Maranto’s Restaurant is as a part time member of bar staff primarily working the evening service. My responsibilities include ensuring the bar is well stocked, clean and presentable, serving customers at the bar and orders to customers at there table, as well as assisting other colleagues with general duties during service.
My primary responsibility is to serve drinks to customers at the bar or to their table, and take the appropriate payment. In addition prior to service I am responsible for preparing the bar, ensuring that there is suitable stock, ice and fruit prepared. During the service I perform barrel changes and the post-mix bag-in-box. At the end of service I am responsible for the bar being cleaned and restocked for the following day.In addition to this I will assist the waiters in their role and assist customers.

East Lancashire Railway
The East Lancashire Railway is a preserved restored railway operating out Bury in north Manchester running steam and diesel locomotives and pereiod rolling stock. The line runs between Heywood, through Bury to Rawtenstall in Lancashire.
Travelling Ticket Inspector
Liverpool John Moores University
Distance Learning Tutor

Exploring the Universe
Universe Through a Large Telescope

The Gold Balence
The Gold Balence, Kirkby, Liverpool
Bar Associate
Bishops Mill Lloyds No1
Bishops Mill Lloyds No1, Durham
Bar Associate/Team Leader
Liverpool John Moores University
PhD Astrophysics – Cosmology with Clusters of Galaxies

I am presently an STFC funded PhD student with the Astrophysics Research Institute (part of Liverpool John Moores University) researching “A New Era of Cosmology with Galaxy Clusters”.
This project is a highly statistical and computational piece of research using data from the ROAST and XMM Cluster Surveys.

For more information about my research visit my PhD research page.

BSc Mathematics, Statistics and Computing

Grade:- 2:1

Subjects Studied:

  • Introduction to Programming (Java)
  • Database Design
  • Object Orientated Programming and Data Structures
  • Systems Design and Evolution
  • Mathematical Methods
  • Statistical Analysis including Multivariate Analysis
  • Mathematical and Statistical Modelling
  • Neural Networks
  • Operations Research
  • Statistics in the Workplace

Final Year Project:

My final year project was the development of a GUI for a piece of Neural Networks software in MATLAB.

St Marys College Crosby
Crosby, Liverpol
  • Maths – A
  • Further Maths (AS) – A
  • Physics – A
  • Geography – A
  • Chemistry – B
  • General Studies – B

Summary: 6A*, 2A, 2B

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Geography
  • Maths
  • English Literature
  • English Language
  • History
  • Religious Education
  • German
Martyn Bristow – CV [PDF]