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I develop high performance Linux software and web applications, programming in Python or C++, huge fan of DevOps!
Passionate about LGBT, wanting to make the world a little gayer.

Lover of Trains & Cats, I like the gym and running.

Lets discuss this in a retrospective

Bletchley Park


So today I’m just back from a visit to Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes, the former home to the GC CS (Government Code and Cipher School), and now a museum to its achievements.
Bletchley Park is a fascinating, and significant place to our history. A former large family home just north of London found itself as an essential, but unrecognised part of the war effort during the Second World War and key to defeating Nazi Germany.

Bletchley Park is beautiful but small estate in the middle of Bletchley, a remarkable break from the modern city. The Manor House is well preserved has an interesting history of how it came into the hands of Government. The original beauty of the site is still clear, from the turn of the 20th Century.

The tour of the estate was interesting, it was an enlightening experience hearing about the people who worked here during the Second World War, as they are the unsung heroes of the war. GC CS employed a large number of people, such as the legendary Alan Turing, who helped defeat Enigma!

The highlight of the experience, to me, was the demonstration of the working “Bombe Machine”, named “Phoenix”, a working example of the machine used to crack German Enigma machine. It was brilliant to see, a replica of the World’s First Computer. It was also interesting to hear the truth about this machine, as films such as “The Imitation Game” claim Turing was behind it all, but intact, although Turing was the mastermind, a significant number of other people were involved in its invention.

Great Central Railway Steam Gala 2017


Adventures of my Raspberry Pi Zero W


So I was really excited when I got an email about the new Raspberry Pi – The Pi Zero W and I just had to buy one


I managed to get the Pi Mood Lamp from Piromoni, and the idea is I want to integrate it with our code pipeline to provide some indication of our code health.

So far I have installed my Pi and I’m braving the interesting task of soldering again this weekend.

Installing the Raspberry Pi Zero W

Installing the Raspberry Pi Zero W

Check back to see how I do

Synology NAS – Locked Myself Out


So I was just trying to install & test a VPN on my Synology NAS box, but I managed to lock myself out by SSH, which is rather awkward.

On my Synology NAS, I have AutoBlock enabled after 3 failed logins and enabled 2-step verification, but it was entering my 2-step code I got myself locked out. I was trying to access my dashboard vis an SSH Tunnel and when logging in I entered my 2-step verification code wrong 3 times, and locked out my local IP, however I still had my SSH session open from a remote IP.

This requires you to be able to SSH into you NAS from a non blocked IP address

Open the Synology AutoBlock Database:
sudo sqlite3 /etc/synoautoblock.db`
Switch on table headers:
.headers on
Show all known IP Addresses
select * from AutoBlockIP;`
Show all blocked IP Addresses
select IP from AutoBlockIP where deny=1 and (ExpireTime > date(‘now’) or ExpireTime == 0);
Delete the IP address you want released, where your IP is , you could also set deny=0
delete from AutoBlockIP where IP=”“;
Quit SQLite

IP Addresses

For those not to familiar with how networking works in IPv4, your NAS can be reached by a local (LAN) IP or if you have configured it correctly through your public IP.

If you have got yourself locked out on your LAN (home network) where your NAS is also located, and were logging in using its Local IP of the form 192.168.., then you can try changing to a different IP address on your network.

Ringing in Cambridge


Since I’ve moved to Cambridge I’ve tried to get back into Bell Ringing.

Cambridge has an impressive number of towers and you can ring every night of the week if you want.

Monday Cambridge Gt St Marys
Tuesday Histon
Thursday Chesterton

HTTP Testing with GABBI


I’ve come across Gabbi, a simple declarative HTTP testing framework, which uses YAML files and Python to run HTTP component testing.
I found it a bit difficult to get into, so heres a simple set of examples and use-cases.
I’ve made some simple examples which you can find on my GitHub: Checkout my Gabbi Examples

Why Choose Gabbi?

It’s Simple
Tests are Readable
It’s Extendable
It’s for ANY HTTP stack
You don’t need to know Python

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Merseyrail New Trains


Liverpool to some is the home of railways, being a terminus of the worlds first passenger railway, and now it boasts a large integrated train network with services every 15 minutes to most destinations, using the “Loop and Link” with Moorfields having departures on average every 36 seconds. But the network is under strain from the growth of rail in the city. So now Merseyrail has been given the approval to replace its trains.
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Martyn Bristow


Software Developer and Python QA with Nokia’s Video Business Unit (formally Alcatel Lucent/Velocix) in Cambridge. We develop next generation Content Delivery Networks, helping you watch catchup TV at home and on the go.

I develop high performance Linux applications, I program in Python, Java and C++, develop automated tests and work with DevOps tools.

I’m currently finishing writing up my PhD in Astrophysics.

I’m crazy about my cats and steam trains, and often found in the gym or out running.